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Real Time Marina Virtual Map CRM Database - Customer Management BLUESHELL MARINA MANAGEMENT Order Management Customer Detailed Datasheet Real Time Mooring Availability Chart


Our Marina Management Software simplifies the Management of your Marina.

Has been created based on our long year experience interacting with our precious Customers and growing up on a daily base in order to provide a simple and complete Marina Management Software Experience to our existing and new Customers.

Our Marina Management Software is a Cloud solution. In other words, a system which can be used in full from a regular web browser, enabling you to access your management software using any device equipped with connectivity.




Lets you manage your marina intuitively and with ease, through the use of an interactive map which displays the status of the marina.


It can be customised and add-ons can be requested for every type of requirement. This makes it a software application which is flexible and scalable for every marina circumstance.


You do not need to install any software on the operator’s pc; Is a software application which has been developed with web technologies and is stored entirely in a Cloud. In order to use it you just need a simple web browser, ensuring full continuity of service.


Use the software directly from your mobile device (iPhone, iPad, Smartphone or Android Tablet) and take it with you wherever you go. In this way you can monitor presences, for example, when you are out of the business office.


Now you can also take advantage of Cloud systems in marina management. Our Software is a software application which is used directly online, without having to install anything on the operator’s PC.

The benefits of the Cloud are:

Reliability of service
Is physically installed within an extremely powerful server infrastructure located in a Server Farm, which is a safe, specialized environment. This enables remarkable continuity of service and greater data security.

Daily backups
Carrying out daily backups on each PC or device used by marina operators is an extremely costly procedure both in terms of equipment and time. By purchasing our Software this feature is included and occurs automatically. Actually performs daily data backups, allowing constant recovery of your database.

Remote support
Being in a Cloud also means assisting the technicians or development team in providing technical support.
Support is provided remotely, reducing service time and needless travel in order to work on the software.
This enables rapid service whilst slashing costs for the marina.

Good software must be kept up-to-date with the latest technologies and must be optimized to make it ever more performing.
Our updates are free, and we schedule these updates remotely, often outside the marina’s regular working hours, thus slashing updating costs and preventing operators’ normal work from being interrupted.

Is a software application which can be customized according to the needs of the marina. Customization may be requested whenever necessary, even at a later date, in order to render the management software more akin to marina management. With our Software, customization is easy, because, once requested, it is made available to the operator without having to undergo a new software installation or service reactivation.


The Software has been created with web technologies on our server platform, it’s located in a safe and efficient infrastructure on the Google Cloud Platform as a SaaS System, which guarantee continuity and reliability of service. The entire application is thus located on a Web Server and you can access the software without installing any programs locally but by using a regular web browser. It enables you to view administrative status on the spot through the Interactive Map, which is created from the actual map of the marina. By using this tool the process of entering / tracing information is quick and efficient, giving you an on-the-spot overview of the current berth situation.

There are numerous advantages to using a Cloud, starting with technical support, which is provided remotely, slashing maintenance costs. Furthermore, all updates and requested changes are released by our remote development team, enabling you to own constantly updated software which is customised to the requirements of your marina.